Go Virtual Or Go Home!

How To Plan A Virtual Event

Everything’s Gone Virtual!

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Yes, that’s right. Due to (COVID-19), many small businesses are looking to transition from the traditional face-to-face approach to online/virtual approach, to deliver and host such things as job interviews, training, teaching, presentation, tutoring, coaching etc., just to survive and thrive during this pandemic and beyond.

Are you interested in going “virtual” but don’t know where to start? I have created a 31-pages guide that is designed to get you started: Planning A Virtual Event

In this guide “How To Plan A Virtual Event” you will learn about:

  • License and subscription fees structure (costs involved in getting access to a virtual platform)
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using virtual platforms
  • Popular virtual platform providers >Industry standard practices
  • System requirements
  • Guiding questions, notes and examples
  • The 16 tips explained And so much more…….
  • If you are interested in exploring and demystifying the virtual sphere and develop a good understanding of how to get on board, download the guide right away.


Click on this link to download the guide How To Planning A Virtual Event