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How To Create Interactive Pictures
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How to create interactive pictures with ThingLink!


Interactive pictures involve adding video, text, images, shops etc to pictures to explain, reinforce or add additional information about people, places, and things. Any picture can be converted into an interactive experience; to name a few:

  • Maps
  • Architectural drawings
  • Virtual Museums

How do you create an interactive picture? There are a number of platforms and tools for creating interactive pictures. My platform of choice is

Thinglink uses the concept of touching (by scrolling your mouse over the picture) to display information embedded in the picture(s).They are marked by a small icon (hot spots) dotted all over or in key areas or points of the picture.

Thinglink is available for free & education; however to access additional features subscription fees are in order.

I deliberately left out “how to” tutorials for this topic. offers a very comprehensive tutorial section to teach subscribers how to use its tools……

Thinglink Tutorial 2

Something else to add to your toolbox in 2016….go give it a try! I promise, it is a lot of fun.

It is also possible to create interactive videos. Check out the tutorial on….

Following are three examples of interactive pictures that I created using

Postcard: Mouse over the cane, bell, holly and star icons to find the message…..

Interactive Pictures

Interactive postcard

Skillful Thinking – Board Game: Click on the small colored circles to read more about each concept…..

interactive prictures

Skillful Thinking Board Game

Social Media Management Guide: Click on the circles to discover the Social Media Guide …..

interactive pictures

Social Media Guide

I hope you had fun!

Don’t forget to share and leave me your feedback…..


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PS. I am not making any money with this. I am simply sharing my tools and resources in hopes that it will help you or someone you know get ahead.

Add A Flag To Your Facebook Profile Photo

A quick and easy way to add a flag overlay to your Facebook profile photo.

Step 1. Go to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page.

Step 2. Scroll down to the status update the states: “Mark Zuckerberg added a temporary profile picture”.

Step 3. Scroll down the picture and at the bottom right-hand corner  of the picture to find

the call to action button “Try it”

Step 4. Click on “Try It” and voila!


Change FB profile picture with a flag

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