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WordPress will send you an email to confirm ownership of the account you just created. Shortly after signing up, go to your email inbox and check the email from WordPress. Follow the instructions to confirm that you signed up with WordPress. You must acknowledge the email in order to access some of the platform’s functions.

Following your confirmation, you will receive the following email from WordPress.

Thanks for signing up for WordPress.com!

Selecting a Theme

WordPress select a theme

What is a Theme? 

A WordPress Theme is a pre-designed website template that is available to give your website a special look. A Theme modifies the way the site is displayed. You can change your website’s Theme as many times as you wish without changing or deleting the content (photos, posts, pages, menu etc.) of your website.

 Select a Theme  WordPress will display several themes for you to choose from. Mouse over each theme for details then make your selection. If you do not select a Theme, WordPress will automatically install a default Theme on your site. You can change the Theme later on.

WordPress - Themes

If you wish to change the default theme Watch training video below for how to instructions…..

This brings us to the end of this lesson. 

Please click on next lesson for instructions on how to create and write your first blog post.


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  • Rosanna Montoute

    Hi Domenic,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and for commenting.

    WordPress is available in two platforms: wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Let me know what your website will be used for and I will recommend which platform to go with.
    Warmest regards!

  • You’ve broken it down into simple steps. Thank you. My question is do you use a theme like Optimize Press or use one of the wordpress themes? I’ve noticed, when I put mine together, many photos have boxes around them which looks very unprofessional. Can that be helped?