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How To Follow The Course!

This page provides a few helpful tips to assist you successfully follow and complete the course.

Navigating between lessons

Navigate between previous and next lessons by clicking on the navigation tabs <<previous lesson>> and <<next lesson>> located at the bottom of the screen.

All images in the lessons are for instructional purposes and are set to either enlarge or magnify.



To magnify the image mouse over the parts of the image you wish to magnify…

Social Media Management image for WP


Additional resources are also available on the right-hand sidebar of each lesson.

WordPress - How To


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  • Rosanna Montoute

    Hi Domenic,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and for commenting.

    WordPress is available in two platforms: wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Let me know what your website will be used for and I will recommend which platform to go with.
    Warmest regards!

  • You’ve broken it down into simple steps. Thank you. My question is do you use a theme like Optimize Press or use one of the wordpress themes? I’ve noticed, when I put mine together, many photos have boxes around them which looks very unprofessional. Can that be helped?