Protected: Lesson One: Introduction To WordPress

Introductions To WordPress

Lesson One: The WordPress Platform Screens

This first lesson will focus on highlighting the similarities, differences and main characteristics of the two WordPress platforms: &

Each of the main screens will be reviewed individually in details in subsequent lessons. versus Dashboard Left Sidebar Menus

As you can see the Left Sidebar of both screens contains the same elements with one main difference. Plugins! Plugins are a property of only To learn more about Plugins click on “How To Add New Plugins” in the right-hand sidebar under “Helpful Resources”. versus Home Screens

The Home screens of both platforms have some similar characteristics such  but many differences as well.

For example; the Home Screen includes six sub-screens:

  • Comments I’ve made
  • Site Stats
  • My Blogs
  • Blogs I follow
  • Akismet Search
  • Omnisearch

The includes only one sub-screen:

  • Updates Store versus JetPack Screens includes a store for purchasing and managing your domain names and premium themes. Both platforms offer thousands of free themes; however, it is possible to purchase themes-called premium themes for use on your WordPress platforms. does not include a store but JetPack. JetPack screen is where you will find settings, site statistics, akismet and ominsearch. versus Posts Screens

Both screens consist of the same elements: all posts, add new, categories and tags with the exception of “Copy a Post”. Copy a Post allows you to make multiple copies of your posts. With, this function is installed as a plugin and is available on both Pages and Posts screens, allowing you to duplicate both your pages and posts.

Duplicate Page 1 Duplicate Post 2
 versus Media Screens

The media screens are similar. Click on “Library” to access previously stored images and videos or click on “Add New” to add new images and videos to the Library. versus Pages Screens

Pages screens Feedback and Contact Screens versus Appearance Screens versus Settings Screens


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