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WordPress Essentials

The Complete Beginner’s Course

Course Overview

What You Need To Know!


Course Description:

The course is an online interactive course designed to explore the WordPress (hosted) platform which is The course is designed to take you through a step by step process of building your website. The course will cover in details all aspects of WordPress in the first ten lessons followed by a project where you will apply everything you learned in the preceding lessons to reinforce your learning and create a blog or website you can be proud of.

Course Content:

The course consists of ten lessons and one final project…..

  • Lesson One – Introduction to WordPress. This lecture will cover the similarities and differences between the two WordPress platforms
  • Lesson Two – WordPress Home & Updates Screens
  • Lesson Three – WordPress Left Sidebar Menu Screens
  • Lesson Four – WordPress Jetpack Screen
  • Lesson Five – WordPress Posts Screen
  • Lesson Six – WordPress Media, Comments, & Contact Screens
  • Lesson Seven –  WordPress Pages Screen
  • Lesson Eight – WordPress Appearance Screen
  • Lesson Nine – WordPress Plugins Screen
  • Lesson Ten –  WordPress Settings Screen
  • Final Project – The final project will be an opportunity to apply everything you have learned throughout the the lessons.  You will be required to create a website with a pre-determined theme, add pages, posts, contact form, calendar, upload images & video format your content and publish your website.


What is the Objective of this course?

The objective of this course is to teach you how to create a basic responsive website or blog using the WordPress (hosted) platform.

Who should take this course? 

This course is designed anyone looking for tools tips and techniques to create and maintain their own blog or website such as:

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  • Artists 
  • Administrators
  • Administrative assistants
  • Business owners   
  • Consultants
  • Copy editors 
  • Counselors, medical and healthcare professionals    
  • Course designer and developers
  • Educators 
  • Legal professionals
  • Publishers
  • Real estate agents
  • Anyone with a desire to learn how to create a WordPress blog or website


After completing this course, you will:

  • Understand how to use the WordPress dashboard/admin page and left sidebar menu to create dynamic and professional websites and blogs.
  • Explore and select a set of plugins, widgets, and theme layouts to enhance the objective look and feel of the website
  • Understand how to manage the WordPress media library
  • Understand how to work with the WordPress visual editor to format your content
  • Explore best practices for creating WordPress websites.
  • Select responsive themes for the website that is compatible with different screen sizes, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop screens.


What do you need to follow the course?

Technical requirements

  1. Basic understand of WordPress. If you need to, take “How To Create A Basic WordPress Blog Or Website” course to develop your  WordPress skills. Go to course (optional): How To Create A Basic WordPress Blog Or Website
  2. Your Domain name  (A registered name for your website if you do not already have one)
  3. WordPress installed on your computer
  4. Alternatively, if you already have a custom domain name you may map it  with the WordPress platform directly from your host’s website. Send me an email through “contact us” to find out how.

Non-technical requirements

  1. Two open browsers (set side-by-side)
    • The course browser
    • An open browser to practice the lessons
  2. A desire to learn a new skill


What to expect

Creating a website takes quite a bit of time; therefore, I recommend going through the course lesson by lesson first. After completing all ten lessons, you will most certainly have developed the knowledge and skills to tackle the project and create your own site. I also suggest that you build your project in stages, and do not hesitate to reach out for help if you feel stuck or have questions to help you along the way by using the “contact us” form located in the top menu bar.

Course Website

The course will be available online and you are required to register to access the course. Following registration, you will be given unlimited access to the course.

The course website will allow you to review, explore and further develop your knowledge of WordPress. You will be able to work at your own pace and leisure and select only the topics or subjects that you wish to develop further.  At the end of each lesson, you will be required to complete a short evaluation of the lesson.

Online Course Requirements:

Computers: PC or Mac (desktop /mobile), internet connection, Windows 7, Mac OS X Book(s): none (course will be conducted online)

Assessment (workshop evaluation) 3 + 1 Feedback

  • Reflection on Learning: At the end of the workshop participants will write a reflection report based on their learning. Discuss their learning: Challenges, surprise, new, areas to further develop etc.
  • Workshop: What needs to be changed, improved, remove, timing, level (too advanced, too basic)
  • Facilitator: Level of engagement, how questions were handled, explaining concepts, assisting, coaching, approach, friendliness

Note: WordPress platform is constantly updated, therefore content for this course is subject to change as the technology for creating WordPress websites changes.

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Let’s go for it!


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