Which Social Media Is Right For You?

Which Social Media Is Right For You?

LinkedIn? Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest?

Social Medias Are Not All Created Equal!


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Following is a brief summary of each platform……………………….

Social Media Management LinkedIn
Social Media Management LinkedIn

is a social medium for networking with others with whom you share a common interest including your area of specialization, career, expertise, profession and industry.
LinkedIn can be a great resource centre for:
• Students looking to tap into LinkedIn’s vast knowledge base
• Job seekers interested in curating job opportunities as well as showcasing their skills and expertise
• Recruiters searching for the right candidate(s)
• Businesses looking to reach a global audience
• Individuals looking for advice, information and guidance as well as leveraging trends and opportunities in their respective industry
Approximately one year ago, LinkedIn integrated a new publishing platform making it is possible to publish articles on LinkedIn. Publishing an article in your area of expertise on LinkedIn is one way to get noticed and generate connections and followers.
Tip: if you are new to LinkedIn and not sure what to make of it, first start by creating an amazing profile highlighting your skills and experiences. Next join groups (closed and open groups) in your area of interest (people who are looking to connect with you and closed group admins will review your profile first before deciding to add you to their group or network); follow conversations, ask questions and if you can answer questions or contribute to the conversation by all means do. Do not feel obliged to engage with LinkedIn members on a daily basis. However, make time at least once per week to read up on new and evolving trends in your area of interest.

Social Media Management Twitter
Social Media Management Twitter

TWITTER is a bite size blogging platform famous for its “140 characters” and hashtag which is now adopted by several other social mediums. Although 140 characters still holds for tweeting and re-tweeting, last month Twitter announced the lifting of the 140 characters restriction for direct messages (DM): messages sent directly to your tweeter followers.
Twitter is a great platform for twitting about the unfolding of an event or moment by moment updates of an event. Twitter is also a tool for sharing recipes, directions, lessons, quotes, addresses, photos, video and URLs. Twitter also has a Twitter for Business platform allowing you to promote your business to targeted groups – for a fee of course. The targeted groups are not as granular as Facebook’s. For instance, I am unable to promote my business to residents in my city through Tweeter. Tweeter allows you to categorize your followers in groups called “lists”. For example, one of my lists is e-Learning. All tweets from people that I follow relating to eLearning files into my eLearning list. My tweets are also posted automatically each day by a program that curates eLearning related materials across the web and posts them to my tweeter updates. On my Twitter account you will notice I have twitted over 10,000 tweets, In reality, I have only actually twitted about 1000 tweets. If you are new to Twitter, start by following others, tweet and re-tweet information that focuses on your industry or interest and soon others will start following you.

Social Media Management Facebook
Social Media Management Facebook

FACEBOOK is the Emperor of all Social Mediums and have evolved tremendously over the years in terms functionalities and capabilities. A few of Facebook’s functionalities include but not limited to:
• Saving articles
• Marketplace “sell” capability in Facebook group
• Business/Fan page capable of directing marketing and promotions to a very specific group in a very specific part of the world
• Embedding Facebook post directly into a website by copying and pasting a generated HTML Code into the website’s editor.
Facebook can be leveraged as a bookmark manager, magazine, newspaper, journal/diary, library/research, photo album, teaching, coaching, tutoring and mentoring and a great tool for eLearning because of its asynchronous and synchronous capabilities. However, as it relates to eLearning, Facebook has its shortcomings. It is not possible to format text in Facebook’s status update, a very important aspect of learning, particularly when you want to draw your learners’ attention to a specific point. The chat window needs to be more flexible in terms of enlarging and moving it to other areas of your screen as with Virtual Classroom platforms.

Social Media Management Pinterest
Social Media Management Pinterest

PINTEREST is one of the fastest growing platforms in the Social Media space. Pinterest is the hub for everything photos including sharing and bookmarking. Pinterest is where photos are pins and groups/categories are boards. Pinterest has now integrated a business platform making it possible to sell your products. Looking for ideas?
• Project
• Recipe
• Decoration
• Travel
• Website
• Garment
• Furniture
• Shoes
• Bags
• Food
• And so much more
There is a “Pin” for that!
One of the downsides of Pinterest is the inability to bulk upload images to your Pinterest boards. Unlike Facebook, you need to add a brief or detailed description to each image you upload. There are no limits to the number of boards you can create including private boards and the number of pins you can add to your boards.

Happy reading and have a great rest of the day…..

3 thoughts on “Which Social Media Is Right For You?”

  1. Hi Amy,
    I agree with you!

    Many people have asked me why don’t I use LinkedIn instead of Facebook…. and my answer is very much the same. Facebook is a great starting point for developing your online presence because it is where you will find everybody. LinkedIn is a place to showcase your professional or business brand. I have benefited tremendously from LinkedIn over the years; however, I have reduced my activities significantly due to time constraints.

  2. I’ve tried all of these and I just find Facebook to be more user friendly. I have never really gotten any attention on Linked In, but my information is on there anyway. You never know. It would probably help if I interacted with others! Thanks for the article.

  3. Very nice article! According to me our mean business objectives today are driving awareness and increasing brand loyalty and advocacy. Which these social media platforms provide us to do that. I generally use all of them for my business. Will share this article with my colleagues thanks!

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