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How To Protect Your PowerPoint



You’ve invested considerable time putting your PowerPoint presentation together and would like to share it with others; however, you do not want them editing or tempering with your creativity. So what do you do? You can protect your PowerPoint presentation from being altered. There are several ways to accomplish that. However, allow me to share a fast and easy way that I use to protect my work.

What you need to follow this micro online course:

When following this mini-course you need to open two browsers (windows): one for the instructions and the other to practice. If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can download the free cloud version by following these steps: 1. You need to have Chrome installed on your device. 2. Go to Chrome’s App Launcher 3. Click on Web Store 4. Search for PowerPoint. 5 Follow the instructions to get your copy of PowerPoint for free. Here is a video with instructions showing you how to get PowerPoint for free

Save your PowerPoint slides in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) picture format.

Here’s how…..

 Once your presentation is edited and completed click on file, next click on “Save As”

Step 1: Click File —> Save as —>

 Click on “Pictures” scroll down and select “Save as type”….

Save as type: select PNG Portable Network Graphics Format.

  1. Click Pictures —>
  2. Save as Type —> PNG Portable Network Graphics Format

Save as Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Format

Click “OK” 

The following dialog box will open up. You will be given three options to export your slides:

  • A. Every Slide
  • B. Current Slide Only
  • C. Cancel

Click on the “Every Slide” option

Protecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 3

After you have clicked on the “Every Slide” option….. you will receive a confirmation dialog box. Click on “OK”.

Protecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 4


All the slices in your presentation is now converted into images (PNG) format and saved in your Pictures Library in a separate folder”.

The title of the folder will be the same as the title of your PowerPoint Presentation.

Protecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 7 - 7 a

Protecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 7 - 7

What happens next…..?

You will now insert the slides that were converted into PNG images back into PowerPoint slides.

Here’s how…….

Open PowerPoint application and create a new presentation.

Click on “Photo Album”…. next click on “New Photo Album”…..

Protecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 5 - 5 aProtecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 5 -5

After selecting “New Photo Album” a dialog box will open……

Click on Insert picture from: File/Disk”.

Protecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 6 - 6 a



Protecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 6








1. The “File/Disk” dialog box will open……

You will be given the following three options:

  • A. Save Pictures in black and white
  • B. Album Layout —-> Picture layout
  • C. Theme: Add a theme to the new presentation file

Here is what you need to do……

A. check the option to save all pictures in Black and white
B. Click “Picture layout” drop down arrow and select “Fit to Slide”
C. Do not select theme at this time….
2. Click on “Create”……
Protecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 8a














PowerPoint will populate your new presentation with all the PNG images of the original presentation.

The first slide in the presentation will be a default slide titled “Photo Album”. Go ahead and delete this slide from your presentation.

Note: When converting your PowerPoint slides into PNG images, you will loose all or any animation that was added to the presentation.

Save your new presentation in a folder of your choice and share with the world…..

Protecting Your PowerPoint Slides - Step 9 - 9


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