Free Monetization System

How to create a Free Monetization System With

CoinPot MicroWallet! 

No credit card required. Only a small investment of your time to read and follow the instructions and signing up for 7 wallets in total. All the wallet links are provided for you to sign up.



  • Set it and leave it
  • Easy to sign up (email address and password)
  • No credit card required
  • Read instructions carefully
  • Small investment of your time
  • Confirm email address once or twice (all other sign up you will just use your CoinPot email address


  • This is not a get rich quick scheme
  • Expect lots of banners

Here is the link with all the instructions you will need to sign up and start earning coins.



How To Edit PDF & Dictate In Microsoft Word 2016

Ten useful tips for using Microsoft Word 2016

  1. Dictate to type
  2. Edit PDF
  3. Spelling, grammar, and clarity check.
  4. Track changes
  5. Insert a table
  6. Add and edit text
  7. Insert headers and footers
  8. Insert or remove page breaks
  9. Add a table of contents
  10. Change line spacing

Click on the image below for more 

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