How To Plan And Facilitate A Cultural Diversity Awareness Training

Now more than ever there is a call for more awareness and sensitivity to our many differences. A call for valuing, appreciating and embracing the differences about our selves and those of our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues and communities….

About the course

The course is divided into three parts

In Part One – we will go  over a general  Overview of Cultural Diversity

•The United nations universal declaration on cultural diversity

•Followed by The two dimensions of cultural diversity

•Cultural diversity myths

•And the Benefits and challenges of cultural diversity

In part two of the course – I will present how to  plan  and collect all the requirements needed to facilitate the training event

And part three will focus on how to facilitate a cultural diversity training event

We will delve into

1: Collecting everything you need to prepare for the training

2: How To Facilitate the training event

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