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Create Promotional Videos Quickly & Easily

Create Promotional Videos Quickly & Easily For Free!

Creating a video is an extremely time-consuming and arduous task consisting of editing, adding voice over and background music. 

Why invest time creating a video?

Wideo 6

Consider creating a video if you have a message or story about your product, service or business to share with others.

Videos appeal to a wide audience as a result of its visual content, videos are shareable, works well with different platforms and most importantly videos are a great way to promote a business, product or service online.

I have worked with several video creating applications, from basic to complex (free and pay); each has a learning curve to some degree that can mastered over timee with practice.

Allow  me introduce you to Wideo

Wideo is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) video creation platform that allows you to create animated videos quickly and easily. No previous experience necessary to start creating your own videos.

Wideo offers a free and paid subscription service.

The free subscription, allows you to create short videos that are less than 30 seconds.

Concerned! No worries. Wideo offers a wide selection of free templates to choose from.

To learn more about Wideo and how you can start creating your own videos, simply click on 

How do I setup my free account?

Step 1.  Click on:

The Landing Page will introduce you to wideo “Make professional videos in minutes….etc. etc.” 

Step 2. Scroll down the page and click on  “Create a wideo”

Wideo 1
Wideo signup page

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Google Apps For Work!

Google Apps For Work

Introducing Google Apps For Work

What about Google Apps For Work?

If you are a looking to start a business and/or already operating a business on a shoe-string budget, you may want to consider Google Apps For Work. The Google Apps suite is a competitive alternative to Microsoft Office Suite except a lot more economical. Google Apps allows you to get a lot more done for a lot less. Subscription is $5 per month or $60 per year and gives you access to the entire Google Apps suite of products.

Following is a list of Google Apps for Work (click on the individual links to learn more about each respective application):

  • Gmail – Business email with your own professional domain name
  • Google Drive– Save and access your files and other applications from any device or location: including videos, images, MicrosGoogle Appsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs
  • Google Hangouts – Video meeting and conferencing including screen share capabilities with up to 15 people from anywhere in the world
  • Google Calendar – Never miss an important meeting or event; share and access your calendar from any device from anywhere
  • Google Docs– An alternative to Microsoft Word Application. Work collaborative (edit, comment, share) with anyone from anywhere and any device. Compatible with Microsoft Word and PDF documents.
  • Google Sheets – An alternative to Microsoft Excel Application. Work from anywhere and any device. Share and collaborate with others and is compatible with Microsoft Excel Application.
  • Google Forms– Create and distribute customized online surveys, questionnaires and job applications with “drag and drop” functionality.
  • Google slides – An alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint Application. Compatible across all devices.
  • Training– Google Apps Learning Center: Learn how to leverage each app to grow your business here.

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